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The Orange County Artists Guild is a non-profit organization seeking to increase the visibility and recognition of area artists and crafts people.

The Orange County Artists Guild is a group of over 100 artists based in Orange County, North Carolina. Established in 2000, the guild supports member artists with community and educational opportunities. The guild’s most visible public event is to organize and promote the annual Open Studio Tour.

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Ending Burnout through Journaling in Nature’s Wild by Nancy L. Smith

Finishing up a yearlong art project left me drained and at loss of creative energy. I became mired in emptiness and fear crept in that I would never have another idea that excited me enough to create again. I had been fumbling around using a new technique and got caught up in generating a lot of work for an upcoming show. Not the answer I was seeking to my emptiness.  Along came an opportunity of a lifetime- my husband, Terry, and I were invited to be Light House Keepers on Cape Lookout for a week. Staying on an undeveloped natural…

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A Place for Artists and Art Lovers by Joan Vandermeer

The magic of seeing San Miguel for the first time is an experience I will never forget. In 2010, my art teacher Jane Filer and her husband John and my sister flew to Leon and from there took the shuttle to San Miguel. We rented a cheap but beautiful home in the area of San Antonio and wandered the city for a week before  attending a painting workshop with Laura Loe, the director of the summer arts program at Nimrod Hall . My sister, also an artist ,and I moved to the new location, hotel that caters to artists, to…

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