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Designing Elements of a Gallery by Trudy Thomson

This past fall my talented partner, Ed Ralston, pulled out drafting paper and pencil and we marshaled resources to construct  a new structure on my property designed explicitly for one purpose: to serve as a gallery, to permanently display my various types of arts and crafts. This structure is positioned at a special spot on my property, which is more…

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Cane, Murrini, Incalmo Oh MY! by Pringle Teetor

Making cane starts with picking up a piece of color bar that has been preheated to almost 1,000 degrees on the end of a steel rod, then heated and shaped. This is the center color of the cane. While one person is doing this, another is preparing a different chunk of color in the same way to cover the first color…

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The Magic and Mystery of Fusing Glass by Trudy Thomson

Glass is amorphous, meaning that "its molecules are not arranged in a regular, specific pattern -- like those of a crystalline material -- but are random in their configuration." (Bulleyes TechNotes4, 2007) And, unless you have worked with glass in a kiln, as flame work, or blown, you might not know how finicky glass can be. As glass moves through different stages…

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Don’t Refuse to Refuse by Trudy Thomson

I started making glass about ten years ago setting aside a large chunk of time to make and break glass. The first year was great. In fact, most of my favorite pieces were fresh in concept, intricate, and remain my favorites. I worked at the process eight hours a day and learned a lot. Then suddenly everything broke down. Every…

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