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Sculpture by Dan Murphy

People have always been curious to learn about the creative process. "Where do you get your ideas?... How long does it take?... Do you draw it first?"... etc. When I am asked these questions, here is what I have to say about my process: In the past, I have occasionally had a complete and preconceived idea, gone to my studio, detailed drawings…

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A Toast in Hand for Our 20th Anniversary

It is truly amazing:  2014 is the 20th year that Orange County has been offering its Open Studio Tour. As you have come to expect, you will find artwork and fine crafts in a wide array of mediums. Some of you will choose to visit artists that are already your favorites, while also visiting the studios of new members. To pique your interest, here are pictures…

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Clay, Glazes, and Heat by Judith Ernst

Have I learned yet to love uncertainty? Creating work in ceramic is not like painting. When you put a combination of glaze chemicals on clay and subject them to high heat, what you get is almost always surprising, even though you may have run many glaze tests and fired pieces under identical conditions. You do your best to control your outcomes,…

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