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    Photo-Realist Watercolors
    I LOVE creating realistic watercolors (NOT photos as some think) that speak to the heart and capture the curiosity of the mind. Known for my representational paintings of reflections--especially of windows--I love how each tells its own story--inside--as well as outside. My goal and passion is to paint an image on a 2-dimensional surface making it look as 3-dimensional as possible. I was honored several years ago to learn that 2 different friends at different times used one of my images (yellow hibiscus) as their "focal point" during labor and delivery! I draw inspiration from time living in East Africa, extensive travels to China, Europe and my beloved North Carolina. I hold signature member status in the American Watercolor Society (AWS), the National Watercolor Society (NWS) as well as the Watercolor Society of North Carolina (WSNC). My work has been included in numerous 'Splash' watercolor books found in many bookstores.

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