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    David Terry's drawings and paintings range from evocative landscapes and portraits to intricately-drawn, multi-image, pen & ink montages. In addition to Terry's work in Fine Art, he illustrates regularly for a number of national magazines and newspapers, including the Oxford American and The Washington Post Book Review. Since 1997, he has completed 26 published bookcovers, many advertising pieces, and numerous privately commissioned works. Additionally, he has held many solo-exhibitions in commercial galleries in both the USA and France. All of the work is done on paper. Tinting/painting is done with watercolor, pastel pencils, oil pencils, and inks.

    While Terry's rural eastern Tennessee roots are obvious in the nature imagery and Southern iconography that permeate his work, his grounding in Literature is perhaps even more apparent---he holds an undergraduate degree in English from the University of the South and graduate degrees in Literature from both Middlebury (the Bread Loaf School of English), and Duke, with additional graduate studies at Oxford and the University of Virginia.

    David Terry first gained attention at the 1994 New Art exhibition at Duke University. Subsequently (not to mention surprisedly), he won an Emerging Artist Grant in 1996, and subsequently beat a very hot track out of the teaching profession.....and, yes, he is highly aware that it's more than just-slightly creepy to introduce yourself in the third-person. I also realize that saying you work for newspapers has, in the past ten years, become all too much like saying you repair carriage wheels or moonlight in a whale-oil factory.

    More information than anyone could possibly want (including full commercial, publication, and gallery portfolios) is available at

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