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    FOIGHIDINN - The Scots Gaelic word for “patience” reflects my life's journey by way of Canada, Scotland, New Jersey, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia and now Hillsborough, NC where I currently have my home studio.  I have made the transition from decades of practicing architecture to making pottery.  Along the way, I have been privileged to associate with and learn from many accomplished potters and to have been welcomed as an active member of artist co-ops and studio tours along the way. I enjoy experimenting with form, texture and color, use stoneware clay bodies, mix my own glazes from raw ingredients and implement a number of glaze application methods to include dipping, pouring and spraying.  I create texture by imprinting and excising the clay with tools and stamps or cutting the surface with wires or stretched springs. The effect these surface techniques have on the applied glazes affords great visual and textural appeal. I fire my wares within the relatively controlled environment of a gas kiln, however, I prefer the wild-and-wooly process and serendipitous results achievable only through the ancient practice of wood firing.  It's the love of the "process" that has drawn me to that medium. I support my community by donating work to non-profit causes such as the "Empty Bowls".  I cherish the growing fellowship with my brothers and sisters in the fire and clay community and have come to acknowledge "FOIGHIDINN" as an integral part of the wood fire experience. 

    Check out my website at and my Thistle Glen Pottery Facebook page. 


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