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    Words are both humanities greatest asset and hindrance.

    Words can inspire change—Black lives matter—or hatred—Make America great again. Words can be twisted to control and confound. Corruption is often shrouded by carefully crafted sentiments and ambiguous legalities. Leaving humanity to fend for itself and the Earth to shrivel.

    While working in advertisement, I saw the power of words. I saw the contortion of facts. I saw my own soul slipping away. My work does not contain words. Just color and form. Just oil paint, silver leaf, and resin. Just experimentation.

    I am a queer, half black, half white American in my pursuit of happiness. With an academic base in fine art and an eternal muse in Josef Albers, my work is a bit of a search for beauty, a bit of social commentary, and a lot my mental mechanisms manifesting themselves into the world.

    My most recent body of work is called “America the Savage.” A series of 20 pieces examining my internal comfort and crisis benefiting from commercial advertisement in 2018 America. Both pop art in aesthetic and anti-pop art in its one-off creation, each of these pieces has a title highlighting their handcrafted flaws.

    The canvas for these works is cradled wood. Each color is hand-mixed and applied with pallet knife. The sides are finished with silver leaf. And the entire piece is then glazed with a healthy, earth-killing layer of resin.

    My hope is to spark conversation or, at the very least, inspire wonder.

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