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    Elia Bizzarri served his apprenticeship under master chairmaker Curtis Buchanan in Jonesborough, TN and has worked with historic-chairmaking expert John Alexander as well as the carpenters at Colonial Williamsburg. He has been a full-time chairmaker for over ten years.

    Elia teaches in his shop and at schools around the country, including The Woodwright School in Pittsboro, North Bennet St School in Boston and the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine. With few power tools, he enjoys a quiet workshop in Hillsborough, North Carolina. In his words:

    “One clear autumn morning, I go to the woods to find the perfect windfall oak or hickory. I cut the log, split it up where it fell and haul it home. The wood has hardly missed its leaves before it finds itself part of a beautiful chair. This is what I love about my work. The feel of a razor sharp drawknife slicing thick, pungent oak shavings ... watching long ribbons of green maple fly off the lathe to land in a sweet heap at my feet ... these are the pleasures of my life."

    Elia on the PBS show The Woodwright Shop:

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