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    Decorative Ceramic Tile and Sculpture

    Ceramic artist, Heather Delisle, draws inspiration from nature as she replicates textures and patterns of the natural world in her handmade ceramic tiles and decorative sculptures.  Delisle carefully selects and prunes cedar branches which are pressed into handmade tiles.  The tiles are once fired and cold-finished with acrylics which enhance the beauty of the imprint.  Delisle also incorporates her interest in arranging modules to produce sculptures reflecting nature’s repeated patterns.  The ceramic spheres are wheel-thrown and kiln fired before receiving the final surface treatment.  These spheres and coaster tiles are finished in a sawdust firing which gives each piece a unique carbon imprint from the organic material burned on its surface. Some spheres are also given a splash of color by a cold-finish with acrylics and a varnish spray.

    Growing up in the hills of Pennsylvania, Heather Delisle was always surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Being the daughter of a master timber framer and wood worker taught her the importance of art and of finding the beauty in the fine details.  In 1996, Delisle received a BA in studio art with an emphasis in ceramics from Berea College.  Currently working in her Hillsborough, North Carolina studio, Delisle creates her handmade ceramic tiles and decorative sculptures which invite viewers to contemplate the infinite variations in the patterns and textures of the natural world.

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