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    3200 Elizabeth Walters Rd.
    Efland, NC 27243
    919-563-0330 (please leave a message - calls are filtered)

    Artist Statement:

    My latest watercolors and new digitized media are all about flowers. Although the compositions may have similar orientation they are handled in different ways dictated by the media. These works can be calming or stimulating, dependent upon the palette and compositions’ dynamics. My theme is the Spirit of Nature, bold and free as seen in both flowers and land or sea scapes.

    My bio is extensive since my career has extended over too many decades. Detailed Resume can be found on "I really believe it isn't what you have accomplished but the work which is important. Does the work stand on its own? Does it speak to you? Can you feel air, smell the aromas, and be transported. That is what the essence of my art is."

    2018 spring has been about photographing flowers and taking them elsewhere through computer apps.  These "new media" works are stepping stones to creating abstract floral watercolors ; but, they turned out to have a beauty of their own which I wanted to share in prints on aluminum or finearts prints.

    More detailed statement and resume, on my web site:

    Photo details from left to right:

    1-9 Images of "new media digitized florals, 2018"  are printed on aluminum (sold through artist) or in fine arts prints (sold through Saatchi linked on Go to to see and more:

    10 Shell Seekers Acrylic/Canvas 26 x 30" Dec 2017
    11 Oh, the Wind is Blowing 20 x 16" acrylic/panel 2017
    12-16 are all environmental watercolors on 30 x 23" Arches 300# watercolor paper. 2017

    It is well worth a trip to my studio, where art abounds in bins of small hand drawn and pulled lithographs, etchings, and monoprints. Open by Appointment.


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