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    3200 Elizabeth Walters Rd.
    Efland, NC 27243
    919-563-0330 (please leave a message - calls are filtered)

    Artist Statement:

    In the past decades, I have expressed my thoughts through surrealism from feminism to the environment both endangered & domesticated species. Seven years ago, I made a conscious decision to leave that realm which no longer enthralled me; and, to venture into the abstract world where nothing is given and all must be created. I had to alter the way my eyes and mind viewed nature. Leaving oil paints behind, I worked first with fluid acrylics on different supports. My paintings still relate to the environment but abstractly. I am now exploring how watercolors can be bold, free, abstract and different from the academic or historical traditional watercolors. These works can be calming or stimulating, dependent upon the palette and compositions dynamics. The computer helps develop ideas, change compositions, palettes, ideas and resolve some of the potential problems before I even start to paint. In watercolor, mistakes happen! That is what I particularly like about this spontaneous media. It fits my temperment. My theme which has evolved from earlier abstract works to the latest is: the Spirit of Nature, bold and free expressed in watercolor. I often set up compositional challenges – to keep things interesting.

    2018: the figure is beginning to return to my work….stay tuned.

    For more detailed statement and resume, please refer to my web site:

    Photo details from left to right:

    1 Surge 1 30 x 23" watercolor/ Arches 300# wc paper 2017

    2 Surge 2 30 x 23" watercolor/Arches 300# wc paper 2017

    3 Mist 30 x 23" watercolor/ Arches 300# wc paper 2017

    4 Reflections 30 x 23" watercolor/Arches 300# wc paper 2017

    5 Weather Warning 30 x 23" watercolor/Arches 300# wc paper 2017

    6 Oh, the Wind is Blowing 20 x 16" acrylic/panel 2017

    7 Thought 1 Acrylic/Canvas 28 x 40" Dec 2017

    8 Shell Seekers Acrylic/Canvas 26 x 30" Dec 2017


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