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    Few materials undergo so great a transformation as aged pieces of trees transformed into shaped, finished, and polished vessels. Indeed, aging improves the colors of wood.  As aging progresses, sometimes even as the tree is growing, outside organisms act on the wood to produce color modifications.  When worked into the design, finished, and polished, these changes enhance the beauty of the final product.  Woodturning provides the method for creating shapes which can then serve as the starting point for individual expression, always providing a new example of the beauty of finished wood.

    I am a member of the Woodturners Guild of North Carolina, the American Association of Woodturners, and the National Woodcarvers Association.  My pieces have been accepted for the juried exhibitions of the Orange County Women's Center's "Through Women's Eyes, By Women's Hands" exhibitions from 1996 through 2002,by invitation from 2003 to present, and for the Raleigh Fine Arts Society Artists Exhibition in 1996.  In 2001, one of my pieces received a Juror's Choice Award in one of the Women's Center Exhibitions.  My work can currently be seen at FRANK in Chapel Hill.

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