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    Artist Medium:Book Arts
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    Studio Name:Cathy Kiffney Street Address:3707 Hawk Ridge Road City:Chapel Hill State:NC Zip Code:27516 Phone:919-602-7188 Website:
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    I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember so animals are often the primary subjects of my paintings.
    I enjoy coming up with compositions that use multiple reference photos or placing an image in a “landscape” that is totally different from the one in the photo. I was drawn to watercolor because of its transparency and layering effects that simply can be “magical”. Witnessing the pigments merge together creating various shades and intensities as I mix the colors directly on the paper can lead to all sorts of surprises as one gives up all control. Coming up with the "right" palette takes a bit of time as I study the various color combinations that can be made with a given set of colors as well as the properties and characteristics of each pigment to determine the mood or atmosphere I’m trying to capture.

    Many who have seen my artwork remark that they relate to my paintings on an emotional level. If I can bring peace and joy to those who view my work, then I feel that I’ve accomplished my mission.

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