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    Art is meaning, therapy, pagan poetry. Art is a journey, wandering rich in exploration, destinations, encounters.

    The analogy between art and journeying is one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

    In my latest paintings, I use my personal experience of leaving my birthplace for a new continent, in order to reflect on the global phenomenon of migration, a major event of our time.

    I translate on canvas inner images, sprouting up from some of the biggest questions of our global society.

    I pull these images out of newspapers, as well as from different landscapes that have been my homes during my life. I pull them out of people’s daily lives, from faces of immigrants walking through the streets of the world, from words whispered by every kind of invisible poet.

    Their stories, and their dreams, are what I try to represent; plumbing the depth of my subconscious and finding oneiric images, I explore creative techniques inspired by the Surrealists.

    In this way, I become the spectator of my own creative process. Every artwork becomes an actual journey, whose meaning will be unveiled only after reaching the shore.


    Laura Grimaldi is an Italian painter, puppeteer, and musician. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Set Designing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She worked in a famous marionettes theater until 2014, when she moved to North Carolina. Here, Laura became involved as a studio artist, puppeteer, and musician with the Paperhand Puppet Intervention Company.

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